Subaru WRX

Chris Powell, a reader and new owner of a 2008 WRX, car detail left an interesting comment on this blog about the new 2008 WRX. Seeing as the new car has received pretty bad comments from readers of this blog, I think Chris opinion is worth sharing.

Interesting list of quotes from the trade magazines, even more interesting comments from the readers of this blog. My only question is, do you own one? Well I do! I think the car is great. I’ve had it a week now and traded in my 2003 WRX Wagon for the 2008 5 door.

The previous blogger Timis posted “make a comparison with latest VW Golf / Audi A3 / BMW 120i / Opel-Vauxhall Astra models”. Well he is right, only one big difference, it’s a Subaru! I upgraded the car with STI metal pedals and a short-throw shifter. Unfortunately that is all you can get right now from SPT at Subaru. I’ll add intake and exhaust upgrades from the dealership as soon as they become available.

The first thing you notice (apart from the more stylish and mature look of the car) is the sound of the doors when you close them. They sound and feel much more like a BMW or Audi rather than that “tin” door feel of my 2003 WRX. As soon as I took off from the dealership I immediately noticed the lower end torque of the 2.5 Liter engine versus my old 2.0 liter block. You also notice much more of the hood out the front windshield in the new version of the car.

The handling is completely legendary Subaru. Just yesterday I flew in to a 90 degree left turn on the way to work. I remember quite distinctly in the old wagon that I tried the same turn some years back “a bit too fast”. In that “incident”, I under-steered and nearly slid off the road on the right hand side of the corner as I came out of the turn. This time in the 2008, I hit that hard left (well in to the oncoming lane), and only slid a half lane to the right. I was in much better control of the situation. I was probably well over 100-110kph around the turn in third gear and I mean a two lane, hard 90 degree left (we drive on the right here in the US just in case you haven’t been here). It was only then that I noticed the car also has additional traction control and I saw a wonderful little orange indicator light come on in the dash to let me know I had lost traction. I‘m going to light up that baby more often! I didn’t have any indicators like that at all in the 2003.

All in all, the car is very impressive and with the new quiet in the cockpit, the 6 C/D stereo sounds much, much, better. Buy one if you can, we only had five, 5 doors here in Houston (Sept. 07) and the charcoal grey one is smoking tires on the street as you read this!