Green Bike USA GB-05 Full Suspension Electric Bicycle

Greenbike E-Bike Review

Cycling is healthy, fun and ridiculously popular. So many people are getting involved cycling, casually and competitively, that the bike industry has exploded. There are more innovative and stylish brands of bike out there than ever before with different features to choose from.

Greenbike are a U.S based company that produce a wide range of different bikes. They’re quickly making a name for themselves for making impressive bikes which aren’t just fancy gadgets, but really work on a day to day basis. They have everything from classic road bikes to modern Electric bikes to fit different tastes.

Greenbike USA believe in quality above all else. While they have got a lot of stylish pieces on the market, the quality of their product is in the mechanics. They use some of the best materials and expertise around to make bikes which are unique.

Greenbike have a massively popular range of E-bikes which are used all round the world.Let’s take a closer look at their collection.

Greenbike USA E-Bikes

Electric bikes, or E-bikes, aren’t exactly what everyone expects when they hear those words. The idea isn’t that it’s a scooter and that you can zoom around with no effort. Instead it amplifies the effort you put in and makes cycling a lot easier. This means you can travel further, cycle longer and reach some high speeds. They’re also perfect for those who live in hilly areas which just aren’t practical to cycle up.


Greenbike USA GB5 Electric Motor Power Bicycle

Greenbike GB5

One of Greenbike’s most popular models is the GB5. This is a folding electric bike which has been built for efficiency, style and speed. Built with a high quality aluminium frame, the GB5 is extremely sturdy, especially for a folding bike. The frame is scratch resistant and built to last.

The GB5 is built with a 350W motor. This allows speeds up to 28mph and the battery has a long life. This means you can travel up to 50 miles before it gives out. It has impressive suspension and modern features like an LCD display, you really see all the added bonuses with the GB5.

Greenbike have done a fantastic job creating a bike that is stylish, effective and extremely safe. It’s range and look make it appealing to everyone but the turn signals, front lights and brake lights make it suitable for inner city cyclists who worry about safety.

Perfect for experienced cyclists, or complete beginners the Greenbike GB5 is definitely worth checking out.

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