How to Maintain Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutter maintenance

Are you thinking of getting hurricane shutters for your home? That’s a smart move. A home that has professionally installed hurricane shutters is safe, has a better resale value, and may be eligible for lower priced home insurance. You also have the advantage of being ready for hurricane season every day of the year. It’s really to your benefit to have them. Here’s a few reasons why shutters are important and how to properly maintain them.

Hurricane shutters are stronger and safer than plywood. You can’t realistically believe that a piece of plywood will protect your home the same way hurricane storm shutters will. If the winds are strong, a piece of plywood will easily be peeled away. After all, it’s only nailed in and the material itself is very light when you compare to a hurricane shutter. Another thing is it takes a long time to nail plywood in place. You may have to do ten nails per window. That adds up if you have ten windows. It can take hours to get that kind of job done. Also, if you don’t already have plywood you’re going to have to go to the store and buy it. Guess what, everyone who doesn’t have shutters will be there and it won’t be pretty. You’ll have to wait in a very long line full of unhappy people. It certainly won’t be a treat of any kind. You also won’t walk away without spending a decent amount of money. Depending on the size of your windows, you may need two pieces of plywood per window. That price is going to add up quick. Plus you’ll need to buy the nails, and any tools that you don’t already have to get the plywood up. That may include a saw, because they won’t cut it for you in the middle of a hurricane. So, every time a hurricane comes, you’ll need more nails and more plywood and it’ll take a very long time to get your task accomplished when you figure in shopping time, drive time, and the time it takes to get the wood up. When you have professional hurricane storm shutters, you pay once, and they’re up It’s a much better story. Sure you pay more, but you’re much better off this way. It’s a one and done situation.

Maintaining your hurricane shutters is very important, yet very easy. Once a month you’re going to do a visual inspection for any damage or rust. After that, open and shut them to keep the working parts in good repair and remove any accumulated debris from the tracks. Once you’re done with that, clean the tracks. Remove the dirt and debris with a damp washcloth. You can then use a silicone spray lubricant on the tracks and screws. When you’re done with that, give the shutters themselves a good wash down. If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, you can always call your local storm shutter installer to do it for you.

Green Bike USA GB-05 Full Suspension Electric Bicycle

Greenbike E-Bike Review

Cycling is healthy, fun and ridiculously popular. So many people are getting involved cycling, casually and competitively, that the bike industry has exploded. There are more innovative and stylish brands of bike out there than ever before with different features to choose from.

Greenbike are a U.S based company that produce a wide range of different bikes. They’re quickly making a name for themselves for making impressive bikes which aren’t just fancy gadgets, but really work on a day to day basis. They have everything from classic road bikes to modern Electric bikes to fit different tastes.

Greenbike USA believe in quality above all else. While they have got a lot of stylish pieces on the market, the quality of their product is in the mechanics. They use some of the best materials and expertise around to make bikes which are unique.

Greenbike have a massively popular range of E-bikes which are used all round the world.Let’s take a closer look at their collection.

Greenbike USA E-Bikes

Electric bikes, or E-bikes, aren’t exactly what everyone expects when they hear those words. The idea isn’t that it’s a scooter and that you can zoom around with no effort. Instead it amplifies the effort you put in and makes cycling a lot easier. This means you can travel further, cycle longer and reach some high speeds. They’re also perfect for those who live in hilly areas which just aren’t practical to cycle up.


Greenbike USA GB5 Electric Motor Power Bicycle

Greenbike GB5

One of Greenbike’s most popular models is the GB5. This is a folding electric bike which has been built for efficiency, style and speed. Built with a high quality aluminium frame, the GB5 is extremely sturdy, especially for a folding bike. The frame is scratch resistant and built to last.

The GB5 is built with a 350W motor. This allows speeds up to 28mph and the battery has a long life. This means you can travel up to 50 miles before it gives out. It has impressive suspension and modern features like an LCD display, you really see all the added bonuses with the GB5.

Greenbike have done a fantastic job creating a bike that is stylish, effective and extremely safe. It’s range and look make it appealing to everyone but the turn signals, front lights and brake lights make it suitable for inner city cyclists who worry about safety.

Perfect for experienced cyclists, or complete beginners the Greenbike GB5 is definitely worth checking out.

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What Every Consumer Should Know about Tactical Knives

Making a tactical knife purchase is an important decision. It’s not like other knives in that it is just used for cutting. This is a knife that is like a personal companion and a first aid kit all rolled into one. It has to be able to perform a lot of different functions and it has to be able to do them well. It’s not your typical knife or outdoor tool. It’s something that many people rely on to save their life in some situations, and that means it can’t be some cheap item that was bought after comparing the prices from a few different manufacturers.

Buying a tactical knife should not be a race to find the lowest price, because that means that quality is usually being sacrificed. Now, tactical knives are not the cheapest of outdoor gear on the market. In fact, a quality tactical knife with all the bells and whistles can be very expensive, but it is worth paying that extra money for a survival knife that will be reliable and be able to perform well.

That’s what everyone should know about these knives- the best tactical knife is one that is going to cost quite a bit. The investment can certainly be worth it, but the consumer needs to be careful about buying quality knives. There can be some very expensive tactical knives that are not worth the money at all. Just slapping the word tactical on the label or a well-known brand name isn’t enough to make a knife into something that is worth taking out in hiking, hunting or camping expeditions.

Consumers need to look for other indicators of quality, such as a long-term warranty or a number of positive reviews. Consumers can find out how well reviewed a particular knife is by visiting sites like best tactical knife that feature number of different reviews. Sites such as these that have a lot of tactical knife reviews will help consumers sort through the different knives on the market to find one the is worth their money and that will hold up well for them out in the wilderness. Consumers should be doing their research before they buy any tactical knife, as they don’t want to find out later that the knife they bought wasn’t worth the money. It could be too late at that point to do anything about it.